iShake 41 500 ml Bottle (Soot, Black)

Product Code: iShake 41 500 ml Bottle (Soot, Black)

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Description Of iShake 41 500 ml Bottle (Soot, Black)

BPA Free

To let you store your protein shakes and food items like fruit slices and other healthy snacks, iShake has designed this 41 500 ml Bottle. Non-toxic and safe, the containers and bottles are BPA free.

Polypropylene Construction

Constructed using lightweight polypropylene material, this set is resistant to corrosion and does not get stained easily.

Microwave Safe

Designed to withstand the heat of microwave ovens, this set can be used to heat liquids and other food items in the microwave.

Leak and Spill Proof

This set is exceptionally designed using high quality materials to safely hold liquids and other items without causing any leakage and spillage.

Made of Food Grade Plastics

Adhering to the standards of FDA, the food grade plastic used in the construction of this 41 500 ml Bottle does not contain dyes and recycled plastics that are harmful to your health, thereby making this set safe to store your food items.

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