Kent Maxx 7L UV Water Purifier

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Key Features

•Electrical Water Purifier
•Kent Technology
•7 L Total Capacity
•7 L Purification Capacity
•Filter Change and UV Fail Alarm
•Wall Mount
•Counter Top
•60 L/hr Filtration Capacity

The only way to ensure pure drinking water consistently at home is through the use a proper water filter. This appliance by Kent which takes care of your health is a perfect choice for your family. The Maxx water filter by Kent is an electrical appliance which does perfect purification for you within a few seconds. The Kent Maxx water purifier has a total capacity of 7 litres.

This specially designed water purifier has an input voltage power requirement from the range of 160 - 300 V. The operating voltage requirement for this appliance is 24 V. The UV Filtration method is a special feature which allows the water to pass through high-grade glass without contacting any metal. The viruses in the water will be destroyed due to the exposure of the UV light. There is a High powered 11 watt UV lamp in this Kent Maxx water purifier.

The total capacity of purification in this water purifier is 7 litres. The Ultrafiltration process in this water purifier removes small-sized impurities, waterborne micro-organisms and harmful organic chemicals. The Maxx water filter easily wall-mounted or can be placed on the kitchen counter.

The Kent Maxx water filter comes with non-breakable, transparent ABS plastic construction through which you can view the water levels. The Maxx water purifier is crafted for extreme durability. The elegantly designed purifier is made of Food-Grade Material which not only removes smell from the water purifier but also keeps the inner body clean and hygienic. The Kent Maxx Water Purifier has an LED display which alerts you about the filtration process. This purifier by Kent is a space maker by design with its 285 x 400 x 390 mm dimensions. The Kent appliance weighs 6.1 kg.

You can detach the tank of this Kent appliance which makes the cleaning process easier. The Maxx purifier by Kent is easily manoeuvrable and sports Sediment and Activated Carbon filters which keep your appliance safe for a longer time and give you pure water. The Activated Carbon in this purifier gives you better tasting and disinfected water. The Kent water purifier has UF Membrane which allows long life for the membrane which is chemical resistance. This special membrane is effective for removal of bacteria, viruses and particles including colloids.

The presence of total dissolved solids or TDS in your drinking water can render it unfit for drinking. The Maxx water purifier by Kent is suitable for treating water with low low TDS levels. The Maxx purifier has a filtration capacity of 60 litres per hour. The Kent purifier has a Push-fit component for Leak-Proof Performance which avoids wastage of water and keeps your kitchen clean.

Convenience Features:
The Auto-Start feature in this Kent water purifier fills water for you when the tank is empty. The Kent Maxx water purifier makes your work simpler by the Auto-Off feature which turns off the filling mechanism automatically when the water is filled. The UV water purifier by Kent has Filter Change Alarm which informs you when to change the filters, and if it's not changed it automatically stops working after 60 hours.

The UV Fail Alarm in this appliance is audible and does not function until the UV lamp is changed. The specially designed water filter will purify different types of water such as sea water, and water from bore-wells and taps.

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