Kent Gold Plus 20 L Storage Water Purifier

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Key Features

•Non-Electrical Water Purifier
•UF Storage Water Purifier Technology
•20 L Total Capacity
•4000 L Cartridge Life

The Gold Plus water purifier is extremely user-friendly and gives you perfectly purified water within a few minutes. The Kent Gold Plus water filter has been certified by Water Quality Association, USA, which is recognised the world over as a reliable standard of measuring the quality of water purifiers to screen harmful germs. The elegantly designed Gold Plus purifier is a non-electrical appliance, which means there won't be any spike in your electricity consumption even after you start using the filter.The Gold Plus appliance by Kent has 20 litres of capacity divided in 2 parts; the top and bottom tanks each having a capacity to hold 10 litres. The Ultrafiltration process, in this water purifier removes small particles, salt, and harmful organic chemicals.

The Hollow Fibre Hydrophilic UF Membrane in this Gold Plus purifier has pores which doesn?t allow bacteria or virus to enter. During the filtration process the water purifier will remove all micro-organisms from tap water and produce sterile water. The Kent Gold Plus water purifier measures 360 x 540 x 380 mm. The ergonomically designed water filter by Kent has long life membrane up to 4000 litres. The elegantly designed water purifier has a transparent cover body with which you can have a better view of the water levels.

Total Dissolved Solids controller in this Gold Plus appliance removes minute particles so that you can get hygienic water. The Kent Gold Plus water filter has Sediment and Activated Carbon filters which ensures healthy and pure drinking water for your children. The Kent water purifier is made of ABS Food-Grade material which not only removes unnatural odour from the water purifier but also keeps the inner body clean and hygienic.

The high base in this Gold Plus water purifier enables easy positioning of glass to draw water. The Kent Gold Plus water purifier filters chemicals such as bromine and iodine to give you water that is safe and fit for drinking.

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